Silkygirl Sweet Scent-sation Series

A box filled with sweet treats from Silkygirl awaited me as a present for last Easter Sunday. Apart from candies and chocolates, I was also greeted by the sweet scents of Silkygirl’s Eau de Toilette bottles. Apart from familiar scents, there are newly released scents as well namely the Silkygirl Vanilla Crush EDT and the SG Men Escape.

SilkyGirl Sweet Scent-sation Series

Silkygirl Vanilla Crush
Silkygirl Vanilla Dream
Silkygirl Honey
Silkygirl Sugar

Vanilla Crush: A sweet and lively floral-fruity blend of exotic fruits with luscious floral heart and creamy woody base.

SG Men Escape: A refreshing aromatic-woody scent that burst with energizing citrus and sage top notes, combined with deep patchouli and woody ambery base.

I love all the scents! They smell so nice but my favorite would probably be the latest scent, the SilkyGirl Vanilla Crush. It smells slightly sweet yet floraly. When I was young, I loved giving my elementary and high school friends fragrances as gifts. I remember one Christmas where I bought 50 perfumes (or maybe more?) just to give them as Christmas gifts to my friends. If these scents were around back then, I would definitely give them these Silkygirl scents as gifts! I especially like that they also sell fragrances for men.


Where to get Silkygirl fragrances?
You can get Silkygirl fragrances here.


  1. Omg! I love these silkygirl's perfume.. Will check this out too❤️


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