Executive Optical Eyeglasses Review

A couple of months ago, I thought to myself that it was high time that I got my old glasses replaced. My previous pair of glasses looked chunky and didn't suit me as well as my new pair. Oh, and because my baby decided to play and break my eyeglasses.

My parents get their eyeglasses at a different optical shop but since they told me that the price of ultra-thin lenses there are super expensive, I decided to look elsewhere. I decided to give Executive Optical a try since I availed of their free computerized eye checkup once.

I was told that their ultra-thin lenses were priced at around P2,000. Overall, if I remember correctly, the total cost of my glasses was around P4,000. There are cheaper options such as their P795 complete eye package which comes with multi-coated lens.

Their staff was really patient with me, I tried a lot of frames. I gave them a specific description of what kind of frame I was looking for and they were patient in showing me the different frames they had that fit my criteria.

I settled for this frame because it was a frame which was branded as Executive Optical. There was another frame that was similar in style and slightly cheaper but I was told that this one was sturdier and that it had more perks since it was branded with the EO private label. I sold when I heard that it was sturdier because the reason why I needed a new pair was because my baby broke my previous frame. 

Getting an eyeglasses frame that came with the Executive Optical brand had the following perks and freebies: a 1-year warranty card, a set of mini screw drivers, a Daily Bread, an eyeglass casing, and my favorite one, an eyeglass wiper keychain.

Compared to my previous frame, my new frame was sleeker and much lighter in weight. Thanks to my baby and my husband, it needs a little adjusting. Luckily, I still have that warranty card.