Aurae Natura Blissful Sleep Pillow Spray Review

 A pillow spray that will help you fall asleep, the Aurae Natura Blissful Sleep Pillow Spray is a concentrated blend of 14 different therapeutic-quality essential oils and hydrosols whose components are backed by research indicating that it could aid in promoting better quality sleep. Sometimes, I would have a hard time falling asleep so I thought that I need to try this pillow spray made from all natural ingredients.

I hear it helps to create a sleep routine which can help signal your body that it’s time to sleep. For my sleep routine, I used a satin eye mask and this pillow spray to help me sleep. I need the eye mask because my daughter cannot sleep without a night light and I sleep better when it’s dark.

The pillow spray smells really nice and soothing. I felt nice and comfortable after taking a good whiff of the pillow spray. I found myself sleeping better after regular use of the pillow spray.

Key Ingredients
Ho Wood
Roman Chamomile
Green Mandarin
Neroli Petitgrain

How to Use
Spray on pillow and linens about 3-5 minutes before lying down to give the scent time to settle down.

Where to Get It?
You can get the Aurae Natura Blissful Sleep Pillow Spray on Shopee.


  1. Wow! I need this my.. ganda cguro ng tulog ko kapag may ganto akong naamoy💖💖


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