Give Your Eyes the Gift of Protection this Holiday with Shigetsu Eyewear

Thanks to the pandemic, we’ve all had our eyes glued to our screen more than usual. This holiday, let’s give our eyes the protection it deserves with these eyewear from Shigetsu that protects the eyes from computer radiation.

These Shigetsu RadPro eyewear protects the eyes from the blue light that our gadgets emit. Blue light is the primary cause of eye strain and it reduces melatonin levels.

Of course, this pandemic has our kids looking at their screens more often as well, especially with them needing to attend their classes online. It would also be good for them to protect their eyes early on. This Shigetsu KYUSHU RadPro Glasses in Acetate Frame with Anti Radiation for Kids is not only fashionable but functional as well. It helps protect your kids’ eyes from blue light.

Aside from eyewear that provides blue light protection, Shigetsu also offers Sun Shield Eyewear that protects your eyes from UV Rays. I got this pair of red sunglasses from their mystery sunglasses.

Shigetsu eyewear is designed by a Japanese, for Filipinos. They even have a Naruto Kage-inspired collection, perfect for Naruto fans and a Card Captor Sakura Inspired collection, perfect for Card Captor Sakura fans.

Grab a pair of Shigetsu eyewear on Shopee and protect your eyes from radiation in style.