DIY No Bleach: From Black Hair to Red Hair with L'Oreal Paris Hair Dye [Review]

This is my second time trying to dye my hair on my own. The first time I tried dyeing it, I didn't do a good job. This time around, I tried dying my hair using the L'Oreal Excellence Fashion Parisian Browns Hair Color in 8.22 Rose Gold. I didn't use bleach or any hair lightener on my black hair so I wasn't really sure if the color would stick to my hair.

Luckily, the box dye was able to transform my black hair into red hair without any bleaching. I did make a couple of mistakes and missed a few spots. I realized that the color really stuck on my roots area because I applied the most hair dye there. As in, I used a really thick amount, enough to make the hair dye very visible all over my hair in the roots area. On my next attempt, I'll apply more on my hair.

I used two boxes on my hair since I have long hair. If you have long hair like I do, it's best to use two boxes so you can make sure that the hair dye really coats your hair.

Make sure to follow the instructions, it really helps a lot.

For my case, I didn't wash my hair the day before I dyed my hair. I didn't feel any irritations or any burning sensation on my scalp when I used this hair dye. The smell is a bit strong though so you might want to wear a face mask if you cannot handle the scent.

I really liked the comb like applicator which you can swap for the typical single cone-shaped dispenser. The comb-like applicator makes it easy to apply the hair dye all over my hair.

I bought this from L'Oreal Paris during the 8.8 Mega Flash Sale on Shopee.