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A skincare company that is well-loved by people who enjoy using gentle skincare products, Johnson & Johnson offers only the most credible skincare solutions backed by science. With brands known for their gentleness like Aveeno, Neutrogena, Johnson’s Baby, and Listerine, Johnson & Johnson has skincare products tailored to fit the skin needs of different age groups.

For over 130 years, they have been at the forefront of groundbreaking skincare technology with innovations that help skin conditions like eczema, skin dryness and acne. They are keen on ensuring that what touches your skin has undergone extensive research, providing only the best skin health products you deserve. Their product formulations are deeply rooted in science and have been the most trusted skincare brand backed by skin experts and dermatologists for over 60 years.

Discover the Science of Every Skin
With skincare products that can cater to every skin, Neutrogena has a different skincare product for different skin types.

Discover the Soothing Science of Oats
Known for its soothing properties, oats have been known to be a remedy for itchy and irritated skin. Aveeno harnesses the power of oats, creating a skincare line that features oats. I recently tried the Aveeno Daily Emollient Cream because I broke into hives. It was the first time that it happened and I was panicking a bit because I used a different lotion and it didn't improve but when I used the Aveeno Daily Emollient Cream, my skin felt a lot better. Aside from the cooling effect that the cream gave my skin, it didn't aggravate my allergy because the ingredients were really good, it was also unscented.

Discover the Science of Gentle
Known for its gentleness on the skin, Johnson’s Baby Line is a well loved brand. Even adults love using Johnson’s Baby products because of how gentle it is. Growing up, I remember that we had Johnson’s Baby powder, Johnson’s Baby shampoo, and Johnson’s Baby Oil stocked up in our house.

Discover the Science of a Healthy Mouth
If you want to have a healthy mouth then you surely take oral health seriously. Listerine mouthwash is formulated to be less intense while reducing bacteria that cause bad breath and plaque.

Happy & Healthy Circle
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