Say Goodbye to Acne and Hello to “Chok Chok” Skin with Seoul White Korea

Got acne woes? You can say goodbye to your acne and say hello to having “Chok Chok” skin with Seoul White Korea’s new Bye Bye Acne collection. This acne line from Seoul White Korea will help you achieve that fresh, dewy look that Koreans are known for. What makes skincare from Seoul White Korea extra special is that it is a breakthrough skin whitening line made for Filipinas.

With the goal of helping Filipinas achieve their beauty goals of having not only “Chok Chok” skin but “Chok Chok” white, Seoul White Korea aims to deliver superior whitening with their easy two-step regimen. Thanks to their newest product, the Seoul White Korea Glow Serum, “Chok Chok” white skin can be achieved in just two steps. The first in the Philippines, Seoul White Korea Glow Serum Double Essence Toner is a toner and moisturizer in one. It contains AHA and BHA as well as white strawberry, ceramide, and niacinamide.

Seoul White Korea Features
Superior Quality
Powerful yet Gentle Ingredient
Inside-Outside Results (long-term skin improvement from the inside out)
Great value
Star-Approved by Korean Actress Moon Ji-in

With a pretty pink aesthetic, Seoul White Korea has a pretty packaging that I cannot help but love! Another thing that I like about Seoul White Korea is that it is affordable and it was even made more affordable during the Shopee 5.5 Brands Festival. They even have skincare sets Seoul White Korea Glowssentials Set which gives a 41% discount, and it even comes with a pretty pink gua sha!

Seoul White Korea Bye Bye Acne
Priced at P500, Seoul White Korea’s Your Acne Starter Kit comes with 3 Bye Bye Acne products to kickstart your journey in banishing acne. It comes with a Bye Bye Acne Pimple-Fighting Whip Soap, a Bye Bye Acne Pimple Patch, and a Bye Bye Acne AHA BHA PHA Serum Toner.

Bye Bye Acne Pimple-Fighting Whip Soap
Start your skin routine by cleansing your skin with the Bye Bye Acne Bright & Clear Pimple-Fighting Whip Soap. It contains Tea Tree, Cica Extract, Salicylic Acid, and Niacinamide.

Bye Bye Acne AHA BHA PHA Serum Toner
An alcohol-free toner, the Bye Bye Acne AHA BHA PHA Serum Toner contains AHA, BHA, PHA, Cica Extract, and Tea Tree Oil. The benefits of using this toner include skin-soothing properties, anti-acne properties, gentle exfoliation, and deep cleansing.

As with any product with chemical exfoliators (AHA, BHA, PHA), always do a patch test to see if your skin can tolerate it since every skin is different. Also, don’t forget to wear sunscreen if you use chemical exfoliators!

Bye Bye Acne Pimple Patch
Invisible and waterproof, the Bye Bye Acne Pimple Patch contains cica extract and hydrocolloid. It’s only recently that I’ve come to appreciate pimple patches. I like how they prevent acne from getting rubbed on by face masks.

Where to buy Seoul White Korea Products?
Visit Seoul White Korea’s Official Shopee store and get free shipping plus discounts on your favorite Seoul White Korea products.


  1. wow super nice nitoo miss prelel nakagamit nako nian maganda sya sa face 😍

  2. Gustonggusto ko tong product na to😍

  3. Ang ganda ng packaging, for sure maganda din ang epekto nito sa balat. ❤

  4. I can't wait to try this it has a gentle ingredients its perfectly suits for filipina.

  5. I can't wait to try this it has a gentle ingredients its perfectly suits for filipina.

  6. Ito talaga yung gamit ko nun Dalaga ako 😍trusted ko na talaga tong product na to

  7. Love every product ♥️ now I know kung para San ang bawat isa.


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