My Molang Bunny Obsession | Where to Buy Molang Merchandise in the Philippines

It was around two to three years ago when I first bought my Molang Bunny plushie which you might have seen in my Who Made Me a Princess Haul post. I was at the mall and I spotted it from a window at Miniso. When I saw it, I really wanted to have it and at that time, I was puzzled. Even though I liked bunnies in general, I wasn’t sure why I had to have it. I even knew the name of the bunny itself and it was only recently when I rummaged through my old belongings that I found out why I know the name.

Back in college, one of the local online shops I often bought from was EazyFashion. One of my purchases back then included a Molang Bunny earphone jack plug/stopper. The name of the bunny itself was displayed on the box. EazyFashion often sold a lot of Korean items and as you would have guessed it, Molang is from Korea. It actually has its own animated series which is probably where I get my Molang gifs from. I used to spam Molang gifs in a GC before because I was obsessed with Molang Bunny.

I had a hard time looking for Molang Bunny merchandise that was to my liking and my budget’s liking. Some of the Molang plushies I found didn’t feel as cute as Molang itself because the eyes were too small and there was no blush on its face.

Here are the links to the Molang merchandise I bought:

Molang stickers
Molang keychain

I didn’t include the Molang plushie because I think it’s no longer in stock. My daughter kept asking me for her own plushie and I had to resort to looking for one on Facebook and luckily, the one I found also had her own Shopee.