Why Am I Eating Sproim Royal Jelly Japanese Supplement?

Among the tens of thousands of honey bees in a hive, there is only one bee that exclusively eats royal jelly and that is the queen bee. Truly a food fit for royalty, the difference in the diet makes the queen bee, a queen bee. Despite being genetically identical with worker bees during the larvae stage, the queen bee looks totally different after reaching adulthood due to its exclusive diet of royal jelly.

What is royal jelly?
Royal Jelly is the special food fed to the queen larvae in queen cells. It is a well-balanced mixture of nutrients namely vitamins, sugars, fats, proteins, and enzymes.

Royal Jelly in cosmetics and supplements
Royal jelly has been known to work wonders on dry skin and may even have anti-aging skin benefits. As for oral intake of royal jelly, there have been scientifically validated animal studies of certain benefits from taking royal jelly orally. There are potential benefits for taking royal jelly orally but there is very little research done on the benefits of royal jelly on humans.

Potential Health Benefits of Consuming Royal Jelly
According to Healthline, these are the potential benefits of royal jelly:
  1. Potential antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects
  2. Potential reduction of heart disease risk
  3. Potential decrease in blood pressure
  4. Potential improvement in blood sugar
  5. Potential treatment of chronic dry eyes
  6. Potential boost of the immune system
  7. Potential treatment of menopause symptoms

Why Royal Jelly Sproim?

If you're interested in trying out royal jelly supplements, I recommend trying Sproim Royal Jelly. Sproim is a Japanese Royal Jelly supplement by RJJ Co. Ltd. Sproim is a top-class royal jelly with high quality, high technology, and high content of decanoic acids and essential amino acids.

According to RJJ, Decenoic acid is a unique ingredient that is contained only in royal jelly in nature. Although decenoic acid had a problem in absorption rate, Sproim is the only product that succeeded in improving the absorption of this decenoic acid. 

High Quality
I have a huge trust in Japanese products because Japanese manufacturers have strict quality control measures to ensure that their products are of the highest quality. Likewise, Sproim is manufactured in a GMP-certified factory under strict control and the raw materials they use have passed inspections by public institutions at the time of import and export.

Dried royal jelly, reduced maltose starch syrup, eggshell calcium, papillary cellulose, sucrose ester, mucosal agent (acacia), cellac, gelatin, lecithin (derived from soybean), calcium carbonate, and brightener.

Trying out Sproim Royal Jelly
I've been taking Sproim Royal Jelly Supplements for a couple of days now. I usually take one tablet per day after waking up. I consume it on an empty stomach to make sure my body can fully absorb the nutrients.

Sproim Royal Jelly is available at Tocoo Mall and each bottle of Sproim contains 180 tablets.

Disclaimer: I was sent a bottle of Sproim Royal Jelly in exchange of writing an article. I could have chosen other products but this royal jelly supplement really intrigued me and I've read somewhere before that eating royal jelly could possibly hinder clogging of arteries which I'm somewhat worried about because I eat a lot of cheese.