The Fur Factory & Everything You Find Christmas Haul

I can never get enough of faux furs which was why I was happy to receive a surprise gift from The Fur Factory and Everything You Find. Apart from gaining a new addition to my pink fur collection, I also received some cute items that my daughter liked. These arrived a day before Christmas, making it the last package I received before Christmas.

Faux Fur Pillowcase
One of my friends who saw my posts with faux furs asked me if I knew a shop that sold faux fur pillowcases. I recommended The Fur Factory since I previously saw their posts with the faux fur pillowcases. Back then, the ones that I saw were only square-shaped pillowcases which were probably made for throw pillows. My friend was looking for a faux fur pillowcase that could fit a bed pillow, and I didn’t know that The Fur Factory also sold faux fur pillowcases for bed pillows like the one in the photo.

The Fur Factory’s faux fur pillowcase had a zipper and on the opposite side of the faux fur was made of satin fabric which is good for your hair and skin. You could actually use the satin side for sleeping and the faux fur side for decorative purposes such as during the day when you’re not using it.

Faux Fur Rug
I’ve mentioned this before in my The Fur Factory Premium Faux Fur Haul post, I get my faux furs from The Fur Factory. I mostly use my faux furs for photo purposes but now that I have more faux fur rugs, I let my daughter play with her stuffed toys on them when she wants to.

Faux Fur Balls
When my daughter saw the red faux fur ball with a heart design, she immediately asked for it but I told her she had to wait until I was done taking a photo of it. She really liked it, especially the faux fur ball with the Hello Kitty because she really loves Hello Kitty. The Hello Kitty fur ball was a pretty jeweled Hello Kitty on top of a blue faux fur ball. She immediately attached the faux fur balls to two of her bags.

Small Bear in a Heart Shaped Metal Box
A cute small bear resides in this pink heart-shaped metal box which had three fake rose heads inside. The top cover has a pink ribbon attached to it. It would definitely make a nice Valentine’s Day gift for your loved ones.

Gucci Face Mask
If you’re curious about the Hermes box, inside the box was a face mask with Gucci prints as well as the Hello Kitty faux fur ball.

The Fur Factory

Everything You Find

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