NARCI Lip Enhancer Device Review, Before & After

Dry lips? Dull lips? This innovative Korean beauty device promises to revitalize lips by utilizing PEMF. NARCI Lip Enhancer Device is a non-invasive way to achieve beautiful lips that look natural and healthy. 

Awake Your Hidden Beauty
NARCI pursues the natural beauty that people have forgotten, hidden deep within them. To regain the original beauty, NARCI's unique skincare technology aims to bring out your hidden beauty.

NARCI is a product by NODE, a technology-based startup company located in Korea. They develop and manufacture medical devices and beauty devices. NARCI utilizes an ultra-compact PEMF generator developed by NODE.

Shortlisted at Cosmotrend 2019 by Beautystream

One pouch, one charging wire, one silicon strap, one NARCI Lip Enhancer Device, warranty card, and user manuals.

How it works?
Using a combination of vibration and Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF), the NARCI Lip Enhancer uses PEMF which is known to activate living tissue by affecting electromagnetic and biochemical reactions between cells. Compared to microcurrents that affect only the epidermis and LED that can reach up to the dermis, PEMF can reach as deep as the subcutaneous tissue. It's also gentle and doesn't irritate the skin since it uses a low-frequency vibration transmitted to the lips.

NARCI is perfect for:
Dull lips
Dry lips
Flaky lips
Lips that easily dry after applying makeup

NARCI is safe for sensitive lips 
No glue
No paint
No coating

First Impressions
I wonder if this is how Nezuko feels. Also, my daughter calls it a banana, I can't really argue with that since it is shaped like a banana.

First off, I appreciate that the user manual is written in English. The manual is easy to understand and it thoroughly lists warnings and precautions. Unfortunately, the NARCI Lip Enhancer device is not waterproof so make sure you don't wash it through running water. The overall weight is pretty light, the device weighs around 60g and as a whole, it weighs 80g with the straps included.

I was really excited to try this because PEMF therapy has been used for various medical purposes due to the beneficial effects of increasing blood flow and stimulating tissue healing.

It didn't feel uncomfortable at all. If you can tie your hair into a ponytail, it would be easier to wear the beauty device if you have your hair up in a ponytail. It's probably because the silicon straps can rest on top of the ponytail which made it easier for me as compared to when I had my hair down.

It's best not to talk while wearing the NARCI device. I kept talking to my daughter while wearing the device and my lips ended up being covered in saliva which was probably why my lips looked wrinkly after using the device for the first time. I'm really amazed at how it revitalized my lips. Gone are my dull lips, it definitely had more color and vibrancy. My lips looked pinker after using the NARCI lip enhancer device.

My only suggestion is to maybe add a mode where the device can turn off after a set time like 30 minutes so if I ever end up falling asleep while wearing it, it wouldn't bother me.

220,000 Korean Won (approximately 197USD or Php9,523.59)

Thank you KITA GMP for the opportunity to review this. I received the NARCI Lip Enhancer device in exchange for my honest review. You can read about my previous KITA GMP review.