Ilwoul Philippines KF94 Medical Nano Face Mask Review

 If you're looking for a more comfortable face mask to use, then this Korean face mask is for you. A face mask which is made in Korea, KF94 is a more comfortable and stylish option.

The fiber that is used to make Ilwoul's KF94 face mask definitely feels softer than what is used for your typical surgical mask. Even the ear loops feel slightly more comfortable. It's breathable too and since it has a cup-like structure when used, it has more breathing space and I appreciate that it doesn't stick to my skin so much. I do use a silk mask under a disposable mask to prevent maskne and using the KF94 over my silk face mask still gives me plenty of breathing space.

About Ilwoul
Ilwoul is a well known and well loved brand in Korea, it has been awarded as one of the most trusted brands, building a name for itself as a staple in the daily lives of Koreans. With over 100 million pieces sold in 2020 alone in Korea, the mask is now available in over 30 countries worldwide.

As the pandemic has spread, Ilwoul desires to offer high-quality products to people by developing a great mask that is comfortable, breathable, reusable, and washable.

US FDA approved
95% filtration rate
Nano fiber mask
Reusable for up to 30 days
Washable up to 20 times
Premium 4 layered filters

Besides bringing in quality products for an affordable price, Ilwoul Philippines understands that the people that need the product the most are medical frontliners, thus giving them a discount from Php 140.00 to Php 69.00 each for orders made via their Lazada and Shopee page.

If you are not a frontliner but would still like to avail of a discounted price, Ilwoul Philippines has created various bundles for consumers to buy on their Shopee store, where you can get up to 40% off depending on the bundle you choose.





  1. Kaya po pala karamihan sa mga Koreans KF94 ang ginagamit na mask. Comfortable siyang suutin. Addu tu cartu na yan 😍

  2. I have that po and comfortable po siyang gamitin.

  3. Sa K94 lang talaga ko nakakahinga ng maayos ang comfy kasi talaga. I will try this po


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