Sier by OTH S-Max Cord Type C Magnetic Wire Review

In the age of electronics, it doesn't come as a surprise to own multiple charging wires. If you're similar to me, you'll often find your earphones and wires in a jumble, and detangling the wires can be a hassle. It's not that I don't like keeping them tangle-free, it's that I often catch my toddler jumbling them up. I've tried buying cord winders but my daughter played with it and it got lost.

However, I've finally found the solution to my wire problems, a magnetic wire. At first, when I heard about the magnetic wire, I first thought of the magnetic wire where the charger is detachable at the end. To my surprise, I discovered a different kind of magnetic wire where multiple magnets are embedded along the charging wire.

Strength in copper wire
Fast heat dissipation and keeps the temperature constant.

High-Quality Connectors
The wire is wrapped in rubber for strong magnetic storage

Jampacked with Safety Features
Made with advanced material
Comfort engineering
Sharp object resistant
Heat protection

This magnetic wire really does the job of keeping the space neat and mess-free.

As for charging capabilities, the magnets did not affect the charging performance. I charged my phone when it was 19% and it took around 4-5 hours to fully charge it, which was already pretty quick considering that my phone has 5,000 MAh battery.

I left the wire for a minute after taking photos and when I came back I saw my toddler messing with it and calling her work a "butterfly". It seems to be really durable and the magnet in place at the end of the cord where the type C charger is located can actually act as a cord protector.

This S-Max Cord was gifted to me but this is not a paid review. All opinions are my own. 

Watch the unboxing video.

Sier by OTH S-Max Cord Magnetic Wire variants
2 Colors: black and white
3 Types: type C, lightning, and micro USB

Sier S-Max Micro Php699
Sier S-Max Lightning Php799
Sier S-Max Type C Php799

Sier S-Max magnetic charging wires are available in OTC stores and via online purchase through their Instagram and Facebook pages.