Sweet Memories with Trolli at Luxent Hotel 's Scooby Boo: A Halloween Party

Halloween this 2019 has been quite eventful for me and Baby Q, one of the highlights of our Halloween 2019 is the Halloween party we got invited to by Trolli Philippines. We got to take part in Luxent's Scooby Doo Halloween Party, or as they called it, Scooby Boo.

After registering, we explored their activity booths, which is not complete without a photo booth to capture memories.

For the booth games, I and Baby Q played to win prizes from the party sponsors, one of which is Trolli Philippines.

Baby Q loved the beautiful flower painted on her hands from the Face Painting Booth.

After playing all the fun games, it was time for us to dive into the lunch buffet prepared by Luxent. They had pasta, pizza, sliders, fries, chicken lollipops, popcorn, hotdogs, drinks, cupcakes and Big Scoop ice cream.

After lunch, kids were invited to play games on stage. 

After the games played by kids and adults, the kids enjoyed a magic show.

I love how their prizes were play money which kids could use to exchange for toys, allowing them to choose their own prizes.

Overall, Baby Q was able to participate in two games. I appreciate how they prepared one game specifically for babies and another for kids aged 3-5, allowing small children to participate in games too.

Unfortunately, I didn't win the raffle but some of the prizes include massage gift certificates and buffet certificates. 

To cap off the event, kids who were deemed best dresses in terms if Scooby Doo costumes won a lot of prizes from the sponsors.

After the event, kids were given a loot bags filled with goodies from the sponsors, Trolli included. Above is a photo of all the prizes we won as well as the goodies from the lootbag.

I and Baby Q definitely had a good time, especially Baby Q because she was hopping happily and beaming with joy towards the end of the Halloween party, and it's all thanks to Trolli for allowing us to attend Luxent's halloween party in their stead. Thank you Trolli for the sweet memories this Halloween 2019!