Holiday 2018 Trend Report: Vivere Salon Takes Inspiration from the 90s

If you've been following the latest trends then you would know that the 90s have made a stylish comeback. Plaid shirts, cropped sweaters, Doc Martens, backpacks, ripped denim, jean jackets, lacy slip dresses, oversized everything, grunge, and preppy…they’re all making a refreshing and much welcome appearance on everything from the streets to blogs, to the glossy pages of magazines.

So where do our ‘dos stand amid all this? Take your cue from one of the country’s leading hair destinations—Vivere Salon.

Like the understated glam that was notable of the 90s, and the trademark lazy chic that sartorialists exuded, hair this season is punctuated by a sense of ease and effortlessness. Think artfully messy updos that are equal parts functional and stylish one end of the spectrum, and sleek, silky and perfectly blown out bobs on another. Somewhere in between is the all-natural median—air-dried, parted in the middle or tossed to one side, hanging gracefully on your shoulders.

If you want to stay on trend, take note of these buzzwords for cuts for the season: edgy and on-trend but still functional and versatile. Think blunt bobs with a trendy fringe, geometric cuts with great movement, long and luxurious tresses with loads of texture.

The same rule applies for men’s hairstyles. The hyperstyled brush backs of recent years are taking a backseat to loose quiffs, blunt cropped fringes, even the easy and surprisingly flattering long French crop

Finally, let’s talk about color. The 90s were all about experimentation and exploration. The fashion forward weren’t afraid to push the envelope in terms of color and they weren’t afraid to try new hues. You get the classic shades—golden blondes, rich auburns, deep reds, beautiful chestnuts, and in contrast, platinum and silver, light blues and purple grays, crazy magentas, dark purples. To add a more updated look to the 90s resurgence, ombres make a welcome addition to this season’s hair color trends—from flattering all-natural highlights to kitschy chromes and pinks.

Interested in trying out these holiday trends yourself? Visit any Vivere Salon branch and ask for a cut, color, blow out—they're treating everyone to a free hair treatment to put the spotlight on this season’s latest hair trends.