BamBuhay Bamboo Straw Review

I first came across bamboo straws on Facebook, and I have been meaning to get one for our baby since she uses straws rather than sippy cups. She’s been using straws since she was around 11 months old. Think of all the plastic straws we had to go through!

Okay, we don’t use plastic straws everyday because it is an added expense. We usually use them when we’re going out.

We tried letting her use sippy cups but she just kept on biting on it rather than sipping.

With bamboo straws, our baby can use it all the time because it comes with its own casing and it's easy to clean, but best of all, it’s all-natural!

We prefer using bamboo straws because we can’t pour hot water on our plastic sippy cup.

We were given some bamboo straws too but since I wanted one for my baby, I bought one for her too. It cost me P100 for the case, straw cleaner and class A bamboo straw.

They even thought of milk tea lovers! Yes, there’s a straw that you can use for your favorite tea.

It’s all-natural, affordable, easy to clean, and convenient, what’s not to love? Indoors and outdoors, my baby uses these bamboo straws all the time!

You don’t have to worry about its sanitation, they have been certified and they come with instructions on how to sterilize it after purchase.

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