​ ​Watch​ ​out​ ​for​ ​Glamcon​ ​MNL​ ​2018!

Mark your calendars for the first-ever convention in the Philippines of its kind for beauty, makeup, skin care, hair care and nail care. GLAMCON MNL 2018 ​is happening on January 21, 2018 ​at SMX Convention​ ​Center,​ ​SM​ ​Aura​ ​Premiere​!

Celebrating the country’s beauty community, Glamcon MNL 2018 is a gathering of talented people, amazing local and international beauty brands, makeup junkies, beauty bloggers and vloggers, beauty advocates, and more. It is a venue for diversity, self-expression, individuality, body positivity, loads of learning, and tons of loving for people that share the same enthusiasm for awesomeness, it is a community that embraces means of empowering individuals of all ages and from different walks of life through the power of makeup and the art of fabulousness.

Biggest​ ​Beauty​ ​Party​ ​in​ ​Manila

With more than 2000 expected Glamcon-goers, SMX Aura is sure to be filled with gorgeous, glamorous people. Glamcon MNL will not only be home to partner beauty brands but also to talks, workshops and tutorials about being beautiful inside and out.

Joining the party this year are some of the country's favorite beauty vloggers today, including Nina Rayos (Oeuvretrends), Kristine Roces (Real Asian Beauty), Kris Lumagui, Joyce Sola (Candyartlove), Bing​ ​Castro,​ ​Anne​ ​Clutz,​ ​Ana​ ​Victorino,​ ​and​ ​Raiza​ ​Contawi​.

As advocates of confidence in cosmetics and beauty in all forms, shapes, sizes, and colors, Glamcon MNL will also be hosting the #NoFilter Panel Discussions​, a venue for dialogue about improving the way you look beyond what is skin deep. Participating in these discussions are Danah and Stacy Gutierrez of Plump.ph who will be schooling attendees on how to appreciate themselves completely through body positivity and breaking beauty stereotypes.

Celebrating​ ​Community​ ​and​ ​Togetherness

The Glamcon MNL social media pages ​serve as a haven for all makeup junkies and beauty lovers to learn and share their experiences. This new online community found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram aims to help confused Filipinos and Filipinas with their beauty choices. It’s the very first community in the country that is open to just about anyone who wants to feel confidently beautiful.

Glamcon MNL online will help you get ready for the busy week through:
  • #MotivationMonday by sharing empowering quotes from beauty icons in the local and international scene,
  • #BeautyTipsTuesdays where members can share their ultimate make up, skin, hair, or nail hacks, and
  • #GlamTBT for a look-back on fun beauty and makeup trends from the past that have impacted how we see beauty today.
Glamcon also gives amazingly glam people a chance to share their #GlamStory to the world! ​Every week, the Glamcon team chooses truly beautiful persons who can be an inspiration to other members of the community through #GlamPeopleofMNL Everyone is welcome to tell their tale! All they have to do is write 2-5 sentences about their beauty and makeup journey and send it to the Glamcon team via private or direct messaging.

Everyone is invited to join the community today and the party in January! Help empower others and get ready to glam!

Glamcon MNL 2018 is produced by Aracan Events, powered by A.I.M.S.Group Singapore. Check out the online Glamcon MNL community on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. For more information about the event, visit www.glamconmnl.com. 

Learn more about our Glam Gurus here:
  • Nina​ ​Rayos​ ​(Oeuvretrends)​ ​| https://www.facebook.com/followninarayos 
  • Kristine​ ​Roces​ ​(Real​ ​Asian​ ​Beauty)​ ​|​ ​https://www.facebook.com/RealAsianBeauty 
  • Kris​ ​Lumagui​ ​|​ ​https://www.facebook.com/KrisLumagui 
  • Joyce​ ​Sola​ ​(Candyartlove)​ ​|​ ​https://www.facebook.com/candyloveartbyjoycesola 
  • Bing​ ​Castro​ ​| https://www.facebook.com/makeupbybingcastro 
  • Anne​ ​Clutz​ ​|​ ​https://web.facebook.com/anneclutz 
  • Ana​ ​Victorino​ ​| https://www.facebook.com/AnaVictorinoTV 
  • Raiza​ ​Contawi​ ​|​ ​https://www.facebook.com/raizacontawimakeup 
  • Stacy​ ​and​ ​Danah​ ​Gutierrez​ ​of​ ​Plump.ph​ ​| https://www.facebook.com/plump.ph/ | www.plump.ph