Mister Donut Unboxes A New Kind of Fun in Manila

Commuting in Manila can be exhausting especially on a Friday but thanks to Mister Donut, riders of P2P buses got to experience a fun commute! Commuters were treated to free donuts and coffee as well as a coupon entitling them to one free ube cake donut or any donut of equivalent price. Worry not, the fun does not stop there, there will be more free donuts up for grabs at certain areas in Manila!

Mister Donut has been delighting customers in Manila for more than 2 decades now. It has become part of the list of the local favorites for the usual “pasalubong” that you can grab from their terminal or town mall branches, or for a quick afternoon merienda at the dine-in branches.  It is already a part of fun, eating habits.
Unboxing Anew in Manila
“We are grateful to our customers for being very loyal to us through the years. And we want to get them excited with us again. We will give them new reasons to have FUN, and we will be offering these in Metro Manila, and eventually all over the country,” Cherry T. Pena, Mister Donut’s General Manager shares.      
“Mister Donut is the go-to brand for pasalubong to the family or friends and to enjoy bonding moments with. This time, we will offer more treats to cater to the different eating occasions at our shops that have a fresher look and cozier ambiance,” she adds.

Exciting Customers with New Products
The famous donut brand has added a variety of colorful and exciting products that will make eating time more fun.  A new beverage line dubbed, “Mister Donut Brewzees” will be introduced as the perfect complement to donuts and the dine-in meals. “Our brewed coffee is undeniably one of the best there is in the industry. We have capitalized on this and developed a uniquely Mister Donut coffee line that will really appeal to our customers, especially the younger ones with a very dynamic and on-the-go lifestyle,” explains Margaret B. Jose, Mister Donut’s Marketing Director.

The “Wicked Puffs” on the other hand, are wickedly indulgent donut puffs that are freshly fried on the spot and served hot at selected shops. You can sprinkle, top, or swirl available sweet and colorful add-ons like hazelnut, strawberries and cream, and Belgian chocolate to this treat to make it more fun and to cater to one’s mood or taste. Each serving with 6 pieces of donut puffs, is priced at P35. It is the first time that Mister Donut will have hot donuts served at their shops. And they are confident that it will delight their loyal customers as well as create a lot of new following from those that have not tried the brand before.
One will also notice that the all-time favorite Bavarian and Choco Cake Donuts have become bigger in size, and this is to give the customers more value for their money.

Fun Times Ahead
Metro Manila will experience these new treats and more, starting June 23 at all Mister Donut shops within the city. Surprising promos will be offered on this launch day.  Watch out for FREE Donuts at certain areas within the city like bus terminals or even at specific offices. This will really send lots of FEELS and would spell FUN in the unique Mister Donut way.

So drop by any Mister Donut branch and unbox the surprises with your friends and the whole family!