Nippon Faux Strip Lashes and Clear-Finish Glue Review

 If you’ve seen my makeup looks at my K-Beauty blog, you’ll notice that I would sometimes wear faux eyelashes. For about a year or more, I’ve only been using false eyelashes from Nippon. There’s a lot of reasons why I love wearing their false eyelashes. 

First, I love how easy it is to apply on my eyes. I’ll be posting a TikTok video soon and you can watch it to see how easy it is to apply. It only took me one try to put on the false eyelashes and I didn’t even use a mirror, I was only looking at my phone’s screen. 

Of course, I love how comfortable the false eyelashes feel on my eyes, it doesn’t feel heavy and it really makes my eyes look so much prettier.

|I also like their eyelash glue, it feels comfortable on my skin. The Nippon Clear-Finish Glue can keep my false eyelashes on for the whole day and at the end of the day, it’s easy to remove too. It’s also easy to remove from my false eyelashes, I usually use a tweezer to remove the glue from the faux eyelashes.

My favorite is probably the Margarita because it looks more natural and yet it’s able to make my eyes pop.

@dreamerbabble Loooove these faux lashes from @nipponph! Can't wait to share how I apply them.🥰 💖Read my review of the faux lashes and eyelash glue: ✨ #dreamerbabble #nippon #nipponph #nipponlashes #nipponlashglue #beautyph ♬ The Show - Lenka

You can read about my Nippon Haul.

WHERE TO GET Nippon Lashes?
You can get Nippon Lashes on Shopee for around P180.

@dreamerbabble How I apply the @nipponph faux lashes and why I love them!😍 💖Where to get them? ✨ 💖Read my review: ✨ #dreamerbabble #beautyph #nipponph #nipponlashes #nipponlashglue ♬ Pretty Girl (Cheat Codes X Cade Remix) - Cheat Codes,Maggie Lindemann,CADE


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