Nippon Faux Strip Lashes Review and Nippon PH Haul

A good pair of false eyelashes can make makeup looks even more beautiful. When taken good care of, the same good pair of faux lashes can last for multiple uses. Such a good pair of lashes can be found with Nippon PH.

In this post, I’ll be sharing my review of Nippon Faux Strip Lashes as well as other Nippon PH products.

Nippon Faux Strip Lashes
With a variety of eyelash styles, the Nippon Faux Strip Lashes can create various makeup looks. I like how it makes my eyes pop and it looks a bit more natural than other false eyelashes. I like the Nippon eyelash since it has a transparent lining which I felt placed more focus on my eyeshadow look.

Maitai was the variant I used since I thought that it would look good with the eye makeup look that I was going for.

Variants: Maitai, Martini, Margarita, Mimosa, Sidecar, and Zombie.

Bohktoh One Lashes
The Bohktoh lashes have a black lining which can make the eyes appear bigger since it also acts in place of eyeliner.

Variants: BT01, BT02, BT03, and BT04.

Nippon White Ginger Handwash
The Nippon White Ginger Handwash is thick and viscous with a gel-like consistency. It doesn't dry my hands and it leaves a mild scent. With Nippon's White Ginger Handwash, your hands are safe.

Nippon Teardrop Sponge
The Nippon Teardrop Sponge is thick and dense. It makes an even makeup application, it's versatile and easy to use. Also, you need to be gentle when cleaning this makeup sponge if you use a silicone brush cleaner like I do.

Nippon Makeup Remover Lotion
With a white and milky appearance, the Nippon Makeup Remover Lotion easily and gently removes makeup. After cleansing, it leaves the skin feeling moisturized. It also contains Aloe Vera Leaf Extract

Nippon Facial Patting Cotton
The Nippon Facial Patting Cottons are larger than the usual cotton pads, making them perfect for removing makeup. I like how the resealable container comes with easy tear packaging at the top.

Nippon Cosmetic Sanitizer
The makeup sanitizer is used to sanitize porous makeup applicators such as makeup sponges. Since it's porous, it means there are a lot of holes that might make it prone to dirt and this is where the makeup sanitizer comes in. It comes in a spray bottle which makes it convenient and hygienic to use. I spray it on my makeup tools before I use them to make sure it’s clean to use.

It also dispenses in a wide area to evenly coat the products with the sanitizer.

Nippon Pro Dual Purpose Cleanser
The foundation I used on my sponge was one with heavy coverage and the Nippon Pro Dual Purpose Cleanser was able to wash away most of it from the sponge. I tried using the Nippon Pro Dual Purpose Cleanser on my makeup brushes and it was able to completely clean the makeup brushes from all dirt and makeup. Appearance-wise, the Nippon Pro Dual Purpose Cleanser is clear in color and has a gel-like consistency.

About Nippon PH
Nippon beauty tools are known to be industry standards for professional sanitation tools. Nippon Esthetic Philippines started in 2006 as a beauty solutions provider to Manila’s top health and beauty brands specific to cosmetic and personal care.

Prices might be subjected to changes.
Nippon Faux Strip Lashes P180
Nippon Cosmetic Sanitizer P135
Bohktoh One Lashes P180
Nippon Teardrop Sponge P68
Nippon Antibac Hand Sanitizer P174
Nippon Pro Dual Purpose Cleaner P164
Nippon Alcowipes 75% (3 packs) P340
Nippon Facial Patting Cotton P87
Nippon White Ginger Hand Wash P309
Nippon Makeup Remover Lotion P270

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