How I got a beauty box worth P444 for free and how you can get a free subscription box

“Nobody loves free stuff more than rich people." — Crazy Rich Asians. Who doesn't love free stuff? This quote goes to show that everybody loves free stuff, regardless of social standing. Thalera lets you experience getting free products at absolutely no cost, not even shipping fee.

You need not shell out money, but you are expected to leave honest reviews at their site. Of course, if you leave reviews about the products you received, Thalera will send you another box of freebies. In short, it's a free subscription box!

I wasn't able to get my Thalera box in time because the courier mixed up the address. However, a few days after getting in touch with Thalera, I was finally able to receive my Thalera Box.

The box itself was made of thin material. However, the lotion and the shampoo were wrapped in bubble wrap which is a good thing because it protected the items.

What's in my Thalera Box and how much is it worth?
1 Moringa-O2 Herbal Anti-Frizz Shampoo (200ml) P180
1 Gluta-C Body Lotion (150ml) P184.75
1 Gluta C Face and Body Soap w/ Papaya Enzymes (120g) P79.75
Total worth: P444.50

Getting a box full of beauty items that are worth a total of P444.50 for free is definitely not bad.

Moringa-O2 Herbal Anti-Frizz Shampoo
My favorite among the Thalera Box is the Moringa-O2 Herbal Anti-Frizz Shampoo. It smells really good and I love that it contains natural and herbal ingredients such as Moringa and argan oil. Aside from nourishing the hair, it even promises UV protection!

Gluta-C Body Lotion
The Gluta-C Body Lotion looks promising as well. Normally, you would take extensive steps to take care of your face's skin but what about skincare for the rest of your body? If you're like me, you would usually fail to take good care for it. I admit that after my baby was born, there were even times that I would forget to moisturize my body's skin. Aside from moisturizing your skin, the Gluta-C Body Lotion promises both intense whitening and anti-aging. It even has SPF 25, it can protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays.

I love how you'll only need this one product to take care of your body's skin. Unlike my face's skin which has numerous skin concerns thus requiring extensive skincare, my body's skin is much more low maintenance which is why a multi-purpose product is perfect for it.

Thalera Box
Excited about your free Thalera box? You can subscribe and get a free box at As far as I know, Thalera gives other free items aside from beauty products. However, upon signing up, they ask about your interest so I assume that only send out free items based on your interests.