Pinggang Pinoy: the Ultimate Healthy Diet Guide for Filipinos from Kids to Adults

Let’s face it, we’re guilty of eating out too much, not eating a balanced diet or skipping on those carbs. While eating out is no sin, frequenting restaurants while choosing restaurants that can give you that balanced diet is a must. Order food of different types, complete with meat, veggies, carbs and other nutritious food.

Some Filipinos don’t like eating vegetables, I have seen both people I know and strangers not eat the vegetables in front of them. In an attempt to make the food we serve in our restaurant have more value for money, we offered free vegetables as a side dish but a few people did not eat or chose not to avail of the free vegetables. An article by ABS CBN tells us why Pinoys are not eating their vegetables.

We’ve learned in elementary the value of eating go, grow and glow food in a meal and maybe it’s time to relearn it for a healthy balanced diet. If you’re a parent like me, you know now that it is doubly important to practice this and give your child a healthy start. Starting early in giving your child a healthy diet will leaving a lasting effect in your child’s diet.

It’s not just for your child, it’s for you too. Some people, some who are even young, skip on carbs. Eating the right amount of carbs such as rice or bread will not make you fat, we know that we need it to give us the energy we need. Despite knowing this, we sometimes skip out on carbs when we think we need to lose weight. Pinggang Pinoy helps us remember the appropriate amount of the type of food we need for our age and situation.

Balanced Diet Guide for Kids
Balanced Diet Guide for Teens

Balanced Diet Guide for Adults

Balanced Diet Guide for Elderly