Johnson & Johnson's Powers Up their Skincare to Protect Your Little One's Sensitive Skin

When your little one gets a rash, it’s not only tough for your little one but it can be stressful for you as well. The best way to avoid this stressful situation is to prevent this situation from occurring if possible. Johnson and Johnson’s helps you be struggle-free in dealing with your child’s sensitive skin through their upgraded skincare products.

Gentle skincare products like Johnson's Milk+Rice Bath and Lotion and Johnson's CottonTouch Lotion will surely be loved by your baby’s skin. Not only is their baby wash non-drying, but it’s also very gentle on the skin. Their baby lotion will help your baby’s skin be moisturized all day long. These two products will definitely help your little one’s skin be rash free.

 Since it’s summertime, it’s best to wash twice a day to wash off all the sweat from the summer heat to keep your little one comfortable. Of course, since you're washing more than usual, you should also take note to keep their skin moisturized and smooth.

Johnson's Milk + Rice Bath & Lotion
Upgraded to be now creamier, with 100% more milk proteins plus rice extracts for 2x softer and smoother skin. 

Johnson's CottonTouch Lotion
Designed to protect baby's sensitive skin from allergens and rashes and leaves no unwanted residue.

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  1. The best tlg ang Johnson and Johnson products super mild and gentle sa skin kya perfect na perfect sa skin ni baby 😊

  2. One of the best trusted brand. We really love this Johnson's product πŸ’™

  3. Sana po mapili po para po sa mga anak ko na 10 years old at 2 months old 😊


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