Disney Ultimate Princess Celebration on Shopee

Disney Princesses will always have a place in my heart as watching their movies in my childhood has made quite a significant impact on my childhood. However, the first Disney movie that I watched that really made quite the impression on me (when it comes to love) is Frozen. At first, you might have thought that it would be just another love story between a prince and a princess where true love’s kiss ends up prevailing. However, it’s actually about a powerful sisterly bond that triumphs. I especially love Elsa as she is a powerful queen who doesn’t need a man to save her. I love how Frozen sends a powerful message, one that Salem Ilese won’t be “Mad at Disney” about.

On the other hand, my daughter really loves Frozen. Her Halloween costume for two years in a row was a Princess Anna costume and she really loves the Anna, Elsa, and Olaf dolls that my brother gifted her. Even her photo album and tumbler is Frozen-themed. Now, she’ll be adding more Frozen merchandise to her growing Frozen collection! Get the Disney Frozen II Elsa Cute Backpack on Shopee.

Look at how adorable these Disney Princess Plush Dolls are!

I love how these Princess dolls sing! My daughter already has the Anna and Elsa dolls but she was really excited to add the Ariel doll to her collection. You can get the Disney Princess Doll Shimmering Song Ariel Doll for Girls on Shopee.

If you and your child are also fans of Disney Princesses, then don’t miss out on the Disney Ultimate Princess Celebration happening on Shopee this 7.7! Get up to 50% off on your favorite Disney Princess Products on Shopee! Download or open your Shopee app and join in on the Disney Ultimate Princess Celebration.


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