Where to Get Cheap Doll House Furniture Online in the Philippines

 When your child loves Sylvanian Families, it could be heavy on your pockets to grow their collection. My daughter loves her dollhouse so much and since it’s a way better alternative to having her watch TV or use gadgets, I supported this entertainment activity as much as I could.

It first started when I bought the Sylvanian Families starter house which was complete with a house and one bunny as well as a few furniture. The reason why I chose Sylvanian Families over other dollhouses was that I used to see these in malls a lot back in college. If I remember correctly, they had open displays in the toy shops and I remember seeing a couple of kids play with them, even boys. 

Back then, the starter house was on sale, it was priced at P1,500. Like with any other new toy, my daughter was happy. At first, I thought she would eventually grow tired of it but I was wrong. She would play with it every day and would sometimes stare at the dollhouse box for an hour and ask me what were the things printed on the box (other dollhouse furniture).

Eventually, I bought more furniture. Since I was a cheapskate, I only bought them when they were on sale. My mom bought her the Sylvanian Families car. When the lockdown started, I turned online to buy her birthday gifts and I spotted some pretty furniture that I thought would be perfect for her dollhouse.

Back then, I thought that those furniture were already cheap but I recently found even cheaper dollhouse furniture sets.

I don’t think it’s a waste of money since she’s been playing with the dollhouse every day for two or three years now. It’s a great way to incite their imagination, all whilst keeping them entertained without having to rely on screens.

Where I Got them
I got these on Shopee.
Food and cutlery set P110
Kitchen set P188
Dining set P150
Pink furniture set P636