Winning a One-Year Supply of Sheet Masks from Althea Korea

If you follow Althea's blog, then you'll know that I was one of the consolation prize winners of their Althea Turns 5 Contest. As the name suggests, the Althea Turns 5 Contest was a contest held to celebrate Althea's fifth birthday. You can check my entry over at my Althea Turns 5 blog post.

I was selected as one of the consolation prize winners which means I won a one-year supply of sheet masks. If I were one of the shopping spree winners, one of my purchases would definitely be filled with sheet masks so I'm not really disappointed in not winning one of the shopping spree prizes. If you read my Althea Haul and Korean sheet masks posts, you'll know that I often buy Korean sheet masks from Althea, I'm practically a sheet masks hoarded.

I recently got my prize of a one-year supply of A'Bloom sheet masks and it came in the limited edition Christmas box! It's so pretty and it came with not only the Christmas stickers, but with a lot of Althea stickers. My daughter was so happy to see a lot of stickers and the first thing she said when she saw it was, "Wow! I love stickers!"

I was wondering if they made a mistake of putting in too much stickers. However, I've confirmed it and it was intentional, Tammy specifically instructed the logistics team to put in as many stickers as they could. For that, I'm really grateful since it made my daughter happy! They probably read in my Althea Turns 5 entry that my daughter loves stickers

If you're curious as to how many sheet masks make up a one-year supply of sheet masks, the answer is 50 pieces of sheet masks! There are 52 weeks in a year so it's like using one sheet mask a week.

For this photo, I wanted to fill my wall with Althea's A'Bloom sheet masks but my current collection was not enough since I've already used up most of the mask and I didn't keep my empties.

If you are an Althea box collector like I am and would love to get your own limited edition Christmas box, you can make a purchase at Althea or join their ongoing Christmas giveaway. One winner will win a P5,000 Althea gift card and 10 winners will each win a P500 Althea gift card. Their giveaway is only until December 24, 2020. Check Althea's Facebook post for more details.