Shopee Christmas Gratitude Post

 It was really a pleasant surprise to be surprised by Shopee with a huge gift box! It was really exciting to unbox such a big package and even my daughter couldn't wait any longer. If I remember correctly, it's my first time getting such a huge gift from one of my blogging partners. I really appreciate it when a blogging partner sends any kind of gift.

Inside the box, there were food, beauty products and other items. The first one that I wanted to try most was the Bluetooth speaker, I'm always losing my Bluetooth speaker because my toddler likes to play with it.

My daughter, on the other hand, immediately opened up the chocolate milk and the other drinks. I gave the red wine to my dad and I gave the tin of Danish butter cookie to one of my aunts since I recall that she likes those. I took a bit of food as well as one of the shirts and gave them to a friend since she likes it.

Of course, I'll be getting some of the items and allocating it to one of my giveaways for my dear readers. As for the M&Ms, Maltesers and Toblerone, I stored it in our refrigerator and it will be for sharing.

What's inside?
1 Langford Cedario Bluetooth speaker, 1 bottle of Barefoot Red Moscato wine, 1 crown T-shirt, 1 Shigetsu eyeglasses, 1 pack of Lotus Biscoff, 4 Alaska drinks, 1 pack of Maltesers, 1 bar of M&Ms chocolate, 1 Toblerone, 1 Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape, 2 Cloud 9, 1 pack of Jack 'n Jull Wafrets, 1 can of Royal Dansk Danish Butter Cookies, 1 Palmolive hair mask, 1 Kenkobei instant heating rice meal, 1 Sappe Beauti drink, 1 Sensodyne toothpaste, 1 Cream Silk conditioner, 1 TRESemme shampoo, 3 mini Sensodyne toothpastes, Organic Skin products, 2 Inspi shirts, 2 Organic shirts, 2 Mikana jewelries, 1 Platinum Junior Lite Home Karaoke, and 1 Platinum Microphone.

Some of the items they sent were some of the items I've always wanted to avail during the Shopee flash deals. I have slow hands so sometimes, I end up empty-handed.

Baby Q and I were really curious about the instant heating rice meal, I made a review of the Kenkobei Instant Heating Chicken Curry Rice Meal on my food blog.

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Thank you Shopee for the early Christmas present! I didn't think I'd enjoy Christmas this year due to the pandemic and some personal problems but Shopee proved me wrong! I hope I can also share the Christmas spirit with my loyal blog readers through my upcoming giveaways.

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