“BROW-MANCE": For The Love of Eyebrows on Fleek

Having pretty brows have become a trend nowadays. Most people might have their worries when it comes to getting semi-permanent eyebrow tattoos such as price and quality. Some may be even afraid that they might feel pain.


Groomed eyebrows are such a trend these days, the hashtag #eyebrowsonfleek has become a big deal especially to the social media savvy set. But more than getting onto the FB/IG bandwagon, having perfectly-groomed brows accentuate the eyes, shape the face and make one look younger.

Shaping the eyebrows can be quite challenging. One needs a little help from HairX Hair Removal, a local hair removal clinic inspired by Musee, Japan’s No.1 hair removal salon that uses the latest in equipment, techniques, and procedures.

Eyebrows tell a story about your character - whether you are approachable, friendly, fun, spontaneous, or the serious type. They give a good impression on your overall look. At HairX, we help customers shape their eyebrows that fit their personality through threading, waxing and micro-blading services for both men and women,” said Janyll Palisoc, marketing head.

Micro-blading is a semi-permanent makeup tattooing technique using HairX’s state-of-the-art eyebrow gadget that creates a thinner, more precise, hair-like strokes made by the clinic’s skillful, well-trained and professional tattoo artist. Micro-blading is normally used to create, enhance or reshape the eyebrow appearance, specifically when it comes to shape or color.

It is recommended for all types of brows (or lack of it!). HairX has a consultation process that makes sure clients are aware about the process of micro-blading. First, the artist will determine what shape is best for the client, while listening to what the he or she wants.

“HairX’s Power Brows Micro-blading is a special technique of semi-permanent make-up tattoo that leaves eyebrows some hair-like strands and shade that is closely similar to the strokes and form of one’s natural eyebrows. The result is a pair of perfectly-shaped eyebrows that look more natural,” Palisoc explained.

After-care recommendations are given to advise clients on how to maintain their brows. So whether you have zero eyebrows, ultra-faint ones, or if you need just little enhancement in filling your arches, HairX Hair Removal will give you the best in quality micro-blading service. Although Micro-blading usually lasts for at least one year, a touch-up after 6 to 8 months is suggested.

Waxing and Threading are other ways to remove unwanted eyebrow hair. With waxing, a hypoallergenic wax is applied to the area and removed once hardened, taking excess brows with it. Threading, which uses thread in scissor-like motion to rid unwanted brow hair, can take care of bushy or unruly eyebrows.

Threading and waxing services need to be maintained, so a monthly visit would be ideal.

Whatever process you wish to undergo and whether you opt for the trend of a fuller and thicker eyebrows, or just a simple well-groomed pair, HairX Hair Removal will help you achieve a more confident you, that’s not only #eyebrowsonfleek but truly #browfection.

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