Choosing What's Right For You: Polarized vs Non-Polarized Sunglasses

Sunglasses aren’t just a fashion statement but are also considered to be versatile. Regardless of your agenda for the day, it’s important to invest on an eyewear that is high-quality and activity-appropriate. Some says that the best pair of protective sunglasses should not just improve your fashion style, but must enhance your vision and provide adequate protection from the harmful rays of UV radiation and other outdoor stimuli.

Depending on your needs, polarized and non-polarized sunglasses are two of the many options you can choose from. However, most customers are perplexed about their significant differences.

Polarized sunglasses are famous for eliminating glare by blocking vertical light that can be particularly perilous for those who are driving a car, maneuvering a boat, biking and to those who are into other outdoor sports. Aside from debilitating sunlight and glare, polarized lenses also have other benefits including:
* Minimizes eyestrain
* Improves contrast and visual clarity
* Enhances visual comfort
* Provides a more accurate perception of colors

Despite these advantages, polarized sunglasses are not made for everyone. One of its limitations is that it’s not recommended for operators of heavy equipment and airplane pilots. Wearing polarized lenses would make it difficult for them to see LCD screens clearly. Hence, these people may consider non-polarized sunglasses with tinted lenses that reduce brightness.

Most polarized and non-polarized sunglasses provide UV protection which is also imperative to maintaining healthy eye sight. When your sunglasses don’t have UV protection, the pupil of your eyes widens which allows for harmful UV rays to easily enter the eyes and eventually makes it susceptible to harmful effects on it. Some of the negative effects of prolonged exposure to UV radiation includes increase on chances of developing cataracts, muscular degeneration and can also damage the retina.

Finding the right pair should not be neglected as there are sunglasses that can properly protect your eyes while allowing you to fully enjoy the outdoors.