Silkygirl Valinetine's Day Makeup Kit [Liquid Foundation, Lipcolor & Brow Liner Review]

There’s so much to love about these new pretty pink makeup from Silkygirl. From packaging to performance, you’ll be surprised at how well these makeup perform despite their affordable prices.

Silkygirl V-Day Makeup Kit
Silkygirl Skin Perfect Liquid Foundation
Silkygirl Matte Styler Slip Lipcolor
Silkygirl Hi-Definition Brow Liner

Silkygirl Skin Perfect Liquid Foundation|
Features: Medium Coverage, SPF30 PA+++, Oil-Free, Fragrance-Free, Non-Comedogenic, and Formulated for Asian Skin.
Key Ingredients: Edelweiss Extract & O2+Complex.
Shades: 01 Light, 02 Natural, 03 Natural Buff & 04 Medium.

Review: By now, I’m convinced that Silkygirl makes really good foundations. I cannot help but gush over how their Silkygirl Skin Perfect Liquid Foundation looks so smooth on my skin. I use a silk mask and my makeup would usually end up on the mask, but not with this foundation from Silkygirl. There’s little to no makeup transferred all throughout the day. I also like how it makes my skin look so youthful and glowy.

Price: P329 on Silkygirl’s Shopee.

Silkygirl Matte Styler Slip Lipcolor
Features: Ultra Creamy, Intense Matte, and Long-Lasting.
Key Ingredient: Peppermint Oil
Shades: 01 Sleek, 02 Boho, 03 Chic, 04 Preppy & 06 Goth.

Review: These Silkygirl Matte Styler Slip Lipcolor are so fun to use! It feels like I’m using crayons because of how pigmented the colors are and because of how easily it glides onto my lips. I like how the Silkygirl Matte Styler Slip Lipcolor is transfer-proof and doesn’t dry lips at all. It keeps my lips looking plump and moisturized. I tried them on my cheeks and eyelids as well. I used two different shades on my cheeks to create a contour effect. As for the Silkygirl Matte Styler Slip Lipcolor that I used on my eyelids, I applied powder before and after applying the Silkygirl Matte Styler Slip Lipcolor onto my eyelids to keep it in place.

I’ll be posting a reel soon where you can see how I used all 5 shades on my face.

Price: P329 on Silkygirl’s Shopee.

Silkygirl Hi-Definition Brow Liner
Features: Retractable Angled Tip and Super-Smooth Formula.
Shades: 01 Soft Black, 02 Dark Brown, 03 Ash Brown, 04 Natural Brown, and 05 Soft Grey.

Review: It’s easy to create different styles of eyebrows with the Silkygirl Hi-Definition Brow Liner. Not only is it easy to apply but I also appreciate how pigmented they are.

Price: P299 on Silkygirl’s Shopee.

Watch me unbox and swatch the makeup from Silkygirl's V-Day Makeup Kit.


  1. Gaganda ng shades nung lippy😍😍 bet ko si Sleek and Boho🥰 Actually silang lahat😅❤️

  2. Bet ko rin liquid foundation ng Silkygirl😍😍

  3. im so in love with the lipcolor, 🥰


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