Pinkie's Farm Tour Family Experience with Grass-Fed Cows in Lipa Batangas

 We decided to visit Pinkie’s Farm in Lipa, Batangas to learn all about their grass-fed cows. Not only can the whole family get up close and personal with cows but you can also learn a lot about them. If you want to teach your kids where (cow’s) milk comes from and how they’re made then this is definitely a good experience for your kids.

I like how kids can pet the baby cows and also feed them grass. You can feed both the adult cows and the baby cows grass. I saw in their Facebook page that you can also bottle feed the baby cows but we were unable to do so.

We also weren’t able to see how they milked the cows since we didn’t stick around for long and they only milk the cows every 4 hours. I think you can also try hand milking the cows if you do catch their milking time. It’s better to ask them about it.

We were able to sample their delicious single-origin dairy products as part of our farm tour. I liked the chocolate milk and coffee milk the most.

For the art kit, you can choose the animal you like the most. There were paper-maches of cows, carabaos, turtles, horses and rabbits. Apart from the paper-mache, you’ll receive paints,  paintbrushes, a brochure on how to design your work, and a Pinkie’s farm sticker. You can do the activity in their activity area but we decided to bring home our kits since we were pressed for time.

My daughter painted both of our paper-maches.

I was told that we could order food from Grab and eat at their picnic area but I’m a little confused about this because I just saw in their brochure that bringing outside food is not allowed so it’s better to ask their management first. Their brochure also said that their farm is open to the public only until 5pm.

Their farm tour costs P550 and according to them this P550 is consumable, we got the art kit to consume the P550.

Pinkie’s Farm is located at Alaminos Road, Lipa, Batangas but they also have stores in Metro Manila where they sell their single-origin dairy products.


  1. Ang saya naman jan Mommy, my fresh milk pa, sarap!🤩 Sana makapunta din kami ng family ko jan soon..

    1. Super saya! Enjoy talaga anak ko dyan. Sana matry niyo din.🥰

  2. Pauline Laiza Najera LitongDecember 2, 2022 at 12:24 PM

    Daming pwdeng gawin. Aside sa pag fefeed ng mga cows, pwde ding mag art design ng mga crafts nila. Very interesting. Siguradong mag eenjoy talaga ang mga chikitings..

    1. True po enjoy na enjoy po yung anak ko dyan. Tapos ang sarap pa ng mga pinasample nila na dairy products.😍


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