5 Skin Care Essentials to Achieve Beach-Ready Skin from Organic Skin

Are you excited to hit the beach? You may have your beach body ready but don’t forget about your skin! Keep your skin beach-ready with these skin care essentials from Organic Skin. Not only should you keep your skin looking fresh, but you should also protect it from the harmful rays of the sun which you’ll definitely be soaking under when you’re having fun at the beach.

Don’t forget about protecting your body’s skin too! Our face may need extra special care but you should also protect your body’s skin and keep it moisturized this summer to achieve that sun-kissed glow from head to toe.

Beach-Ready Skin Essentials from Organic Skin

1. Anti-Aging Eye Gel has the ability to retain moisture on the under-eye area so you always look refreshed. 

2. Papaya & Kojic Liquid Soap gives you even and fair skin from face to body, it’s also infused with Calamansi.

3. Booty Scrub will help you flaunt your peaches by effectively exfoliating your bumbums, aiding it in making it soft and white.

4. 4x Intensive Whitening Face Cream will maintain your complexion while protecting your skin from sun damage, thanks to its SPF 30

5. 4x Intensive Whitening Lotion intensively whitens the skin while further protecting it against harmful UVA rays with its SPF 30.

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