Mother's Day Gift Idea from Bubbblyprints

Mother's Day is almost here and if you're looking for ideas on what to give your mom, then read on. I received a couple of personalized gifts from Bubbblyprints and unlike the usual personalized items I receive, two of the items are very timely given the pandemic.

Personalized Items from Bubbblyprints
Face Mask Case
Face Mask Lace
Mouse Pad

Face Mask Case
The Face Mask Case is so cute and what better way to say that this face mask case belongs to you than to add your name on your case. No more getting your face mask case mixed up since you have yours personalized. The one I received was a white case but I saw on their Facebook page that they had it in black. I think their mask case is made to fit surgical masks. Since I usually double-mask I tried to fit both my satin face mask and my KF94 mask by folding both in half, I was able to fit both in the case.

Mask Lace
The Mask Lace is for when you need to put away your mask for maybe a quick drink of water, it's better than putting your mask on your chin.

Mouse Pad
If your mom also works from home then a nice personalized mouse pad would make a great to your Mother's Day Gift set.

Who doesn't love a good mug? The mug I received was designed with the first letter of my name.

You can check out Bubbblyprints on Facebook and they also have a Shopee store. See how they turn "bright ideas into bubbly labels."

You may also email them at 


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