What's Inside My Hayu Curated Glam Kit?

I love pink and this curated glam kit from Hayu satiates my pink obsession! I am always grateful when brands and PR companies send me gifts, which is why I always try to publish at least a blog post whenever they send me gifts and this is, as you've guessed, a gratitude post.

Hayu Curated Glam Kit
Metal Mug
Hair Straightening Brush
Makeup Brush Set
Ring light
The Real Housewives 2021 Calendar

The bad itself that the glam kit came with was super pretty. If I'm not mistaken, the bag is called a clear PVC bag. Except for the ring light, all of the items from the glam kit had Hayu printed on it, even the bag and the satin fabric tied to the bag. I love everything inside the curated glam kit!

HAYU Metal Mug
Except for the calendar, all of the things inside the kit are things I've been meaning to buy for myself. I've needed a good mug for a while now and it is a metal mug which makes it perfect since I have a clumsy toddler. It comes with a sippy lid which is great since I like sipping on my drinks but I don't always want to use my straw since sometimes I'm too lazy to clean it. Printed on the mug is a quote by Brandie Glanville which states, "It's not fun to be sober."

HAYU Hair Straightener Brush
I don't have my flat iron with me so I've been looking to try one of those hair brushes that can straighten the hair by heating it. Thanks to Hayu, I don't have to buy one anymore.

HAYU Makeup Brush Set
As for the makeup brushes, if you've read my VT x BTS makeup review, you'll know that the makeup brushes I currently use are just the ones I got for P7 (for the entire set). Now that I have a new and prettier set, that makes it two things I'm removing from my shopping cart.

Ring Light
I was planning to get a ring light once I have my own room again. I don't have much space right now but I'm grateful for the ring light since it will make my vlogs better.

The Real Housewives Calendar Stand
I plan to give my mom the calendar since she still uses calendars while I rely on my phone's calendar. We always have a calendar stand at home and this would be perfect for the job.

Hayu is a subscription-based video streaming service owned by NBCUniversal which is available here in the Philippines. You can watch your favorite reality TV shows at Hayu and one of these shows include The Real Housewives. Famous for its outrageous drama and petty fights, The Real Housewives depict stories of real women who are resilient and passionate about what they want, driven to achieve their goals.

For more information about Hayu, visit their Facebook page: www.facebook.com/hayuAsia.