How I Stayed Empowered During Quarantine

What makes one empowered? Claiming confidence in one’s right and becoming stronger in controlling one’s life. Today’s post is to encourage empowered women to empower other women. Revive the Vibe Challenge is an online challenge by Reviva PH aimed to encourage women to uplift each other. They’ll be giving away special prizes to three lucky ladies who’ll post their most empowering outfit.

I’ll be taking part as well and challenging you all to take part! I’ve managed to stay empowered during the pandemic by focusing on my blog and to pursue my dreams. I’ve worked really hard recently to push my limits in working to achieve my dreams. I’m actually going through a tough time right now but that will be for another story. For now, all I can tell you is that for years I've been broken down through words, I've even been told that blogging isn't for me because it doesn't suit me. I shouldn't dress this way or that way. But you know what, one day you'll realize that it doesn't matter what they say because, at the end of the day, all they want to do is bring you down to their level.

 In order to rebuild me and to boost my confidence, I decided to get myself new clothes that will make me confident. Just the other day, I’ve shot four videos for my vlog in one day. I’ve already posted the first one and if you haven’t seen it you can check it out since I’ll be giving away a Japan Candy Box. I’m also wearing a dress that I’ve recently bought but if you’ve been following my post, it’s only recently that I’ve started wearing nice clothes again. Being able to wear clothes that I love and feel comfortable with really gives me the boost of confidence I need.

1st prize: P10,000 + FREE drycleaning for a year worth P20,000
2nd prize: P5,000 + FREE drycleaning for a year worth P10,000
3rd prize: FREE drycleaning for a year worth P10,000

Creativity in execution of concept & caption 50%
Gathered votes and post reactions 50%
Total 100%

1. Post your most empowering outfit with #RevivetheVibe + @revivaph on your FB or IG
2. Caption it with your answer to the question: “How did you or will you stay empowered during the pandemic?”
3. Challenge other empowered women in your post and post it publicly.