Give your Furbabies the gift of love while spreading Paw-sitivity with Pedigree

Christmas is a time to get together with our family, and our pets are part of our family as much as we are! This Christmas, we can treat our pets without breaking the bank by availing of PEDIGREE's deals and discounts which includes piso flash sales of their products. Let's share the Holiday cheer with our dear furbabies and give them the love they deserve.

Here are some of the dog treats you can give your dogs. We have three dogs at home so I'm pretty sure these won't last long. PEDIGREE treats are definitely a good way to reward our pups since they love them so much. If you've seen my Instagram post before, I shared the dog food pouch where you mix it with dog food. When I opened the pouch, I could really smell the savory scent, so could our dogs (lol).

Christmas is the time for giving and that spirit definitely extends to our pets too! This Nov. 15, the PEDIGREE Store brings to you "SPREAD PAW-SITIVITY", a day for you to treat your own furbabies while also extending help to the pets of the ANIMAL KINGDOM FOUNDATION shelter. This is a storewide sale with discounts as high as 35% off and flash sales for as low as Php 1! Moreover, 10% of the total sales accumulated for the day shall be converted as pet food and be donated to Animal Kingdom Foundation. Pedigree hopes to see you at their sale as they aim to raise 10,000 food bowls to make an even brighter Christmas for the pets of Animal Kingdom Foundation!

Visit Pedigree's Official Shopee Store.

Thank you Pedigree for sending us these treats! Are you a pet owner too? Let me know in the comments below which Pedigree treat is your pet's favorite.