Where to Get Your Cameras Fixed During Quarantine

I found myself in a real dilemma when I noticed that my Fujifilm X-A10's LCD was starting to act wonky. The screen was slowly turning green and eventually, I was unable to use it anymore. Unfortunately, this took place during the start of the pandemic. I couldn't bring my camera to Fujifilm's service center in Ortigas. I had to endure taking photos without being able to see what I was shooting. To make matters worse, the lens I usually use is a prime lens with only a manual focus so I had to guess and shoot randomly until I got a decent photo which sometimes took an hour or two to accomplish.

Recently, I came across an advertisement for camera repair and it was pretty close by. I messaged them of my concern and got a quotation. I was pretty sure that it was my LCD flex ribbon that was the cause of the problem since there was a crease on it. A lot of Fujifilm X-A10 owners have similar problems with their cameras.

If you're experiencing the same problem and you are unable to go to the Fujifilm service center, you can try out CBE Camera Repair Services located in Cubao. You can also have your cameras shipped via LBC or Grab but you'll need to coordinate with them first. They're pretty responsive when I messaged them over Facebook messenger. 

I didn't have mine shipped but had someone to drop it off for me instead so I'm not entirely sure of the process when it comes to shipping it. We only paid when we were going to pick up the camera.

Php3,700 for flex cable repair
Php5,500 LCD repair

Repair time
2-3 days for flex cable replacement

CBE Camera Repair Services is located on the 4th floor of Farmers Plaza Mall, Cubao, Quezon City.