Ariana Coco Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Review

 A couple of months ago, I attended the National Arts and Crafts Fair 2019, and one of the locally made products I brought home with me to try was Ariana Coco’s Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. Virgin Coconut Oil is known to be a wonder product that can both be applied topically or ingested. What’s nice about Ariana Coco’s Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is that it is 100% natural cold-pressed extra virgin coconut oil with a natural aroma.

Benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil
Moisturizes and nourishes the skin
Revitalizes damaged hair
Promotes antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal activity
Boosts the immune system
Maintains healthy gums and teeth

Make sure to pour half of the contents on a separate bottle if you plan to use the virgin coconut oil topically and ingest it as well. You can label the bottles as well so you won’t forget which bottle is the one you use topically.

No doubt Ariana Coco’s Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is made with pure virgin coconut oil. It smells really nice, it definitely carries a natural coconut scent which makes me crave for coconut macaroons.

As a moisturizer, it’s pretty okay since it definitely moisturizes the skin. It’s not sticky but it does leave a slight shiny finish.

Oil Pulling
I really appreciate having this virgin coconut oil when I had a sore throat. I tried oil pulling using virgin coconut oil and not only did it pull out the phlegm but it did soothe my itchy throat as well.

Hair Oil
My favorite use for it is as a hair oil. Good quality hair oils can be quite expensive and this virgin coconut oil is a really cheap yet effective alternative. It nourishes my hair while leaving it with shine and a scent of coconuts.

If you need more reasons to start using virgin coconut oil, it’s been said that virgin coconut oil has shown promising effects on mild COVID-19 patients

Ariana Coco Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 100mL P115
Ariana Coco Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 250mL P185

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