Aromagicare: Spa and Pharmacy in a Bottle Review

"Your First Aid Tool Anytime, Anywhere!"
What sets Aromagicare Therapy Oil apart from the rest is its combination of high healing property ingredients. Not only does it provide you with a magical aroma but you can be rest assured that this product is organic and is made from quality ingredients.

With a soothing scent, you'll instantly be met with a scent that smells strongly of menthol as you open a bottle of Aromagicare Therapy Oil. Despite its name, its consistency is more of a cream's consistency rather than an oil's. I love the cool and minty feeling it leaves my skin with. I think it's perfect for summer as it will help with sleeping through the summer heat at night. If at times you have a hard time sleeping like I do, apply it on the back of your neck and on your shoulders and you'll instantly be relaxed, helping you to fall asleep.

It doesn't leave the skin with a sticky feeling or finish but I definitely enjoyed the cool, soothing that my skin was left with. As for the scent, you don't have to worry about smelling like menthol as it will only leave your skin with a mild scent.

Turmeric, Moringa, Guava, Lemon, Stevia, Guyabano, Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) & Menthol Herb Arvensis.

Body pains, pimples, migraines, skin allergies, toothache, mouthsore, fever and flu (external application), minor sprain, cramps, stiff neck, arthritis, rheumatism & stress.

Aromagicare Therapy Oil Cavite is a local shop in DasmariΓ±as owned by mother & daughter duo Iris Buenconsejo and Charito Toribio Buenconsejo that features the bestselling and award- winning brand, the Aromagicare product line manufactured & distributed by their mother company, WIDE International Strategic Experts Co. The product line is spearheaded by the famous Aromagicare Therapy Oil, your all-natural "First Aid Tool Anytime, Anywhere" for common diseases and illness, skin problems and anxiety/stress.

Therapy Oil (Classic and Strawberry)
Glutathione + Oatmeal
White and Glow Beauty Oil

Aromagicare Therapy Oil Classic P200
Aromagicare Therapy Oil Strawberry P200

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  1. All natural ingredients. And masusuportahan pa natin ang local products. Support local 😍

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