Park living in Greenfield City

The closest that urbanites can get to experience that refreshing, quiet and laid-back country style living in the city is in gated residences with gardens, landscaping, open spaces, mini parks and atria. Having a home with authentic nature ambiance meant living in rural subdivisions lacking in modern amenities and far from the workplace and malls. But there is a middle ground option for families who prefer homes with a nature-rich environment and city fixture still just in the neighborhood. It’s called park living. And this is what Greenfield City is all about.

Park living is a relatively new concept introduced in the country by Greenfield Development Corporation through their 400-hectare township in Santa Rosa, Laguna called Greenfield City. For the developer, park living is not just homes in a nature-rich surrounding. Simply put, everything is in a park setting; whether these are office buildings, shopping malls, schools, hospitals, and factories.

Park living emanates from Greenfield City’s location in the suburb, which retains the features of the countryside. As soon as one enters the township through the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX), trees, chirps, vast open spaces, provincial air, muffled noise, and low-density population begin. Developments subtly mingle with nature according to GDC’s innovative masterplan to produce residential parks, mall parks, a business park, and an industrial park. The result is a city park where healthy living, stress-free working and abundant playing thrive.

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Take for example Pramana, the first residential park in the country. More than 50% of this 30-hectare first-class community featuring modern Asian houses are sprawling grounds of manicured lawns, green open spaces, and tree-lined streets. That means waking up to birds chirping and falling asleep amidst the crickets' lullaby, seeing the glow of fireflies at night, and basking in the warmth of the sunlight or the faint glimmer of moonshine. More comfort, relaxation and convenience come from Pramana’s charming man-made lagoon, koi ponds, swimming pools, basketball court, jogging and bicycle paths, playground, and clubhouse, which includes a pavilion, several function rooms, a recreation room and mini theater.

Another residential park in Greenfield City is the Solen Residences. At around 50 hectares, there is a small lake and a 5,000 square meter nature park, where kids can have fun in a playground, homeowners can play Frisbee or the family can enjoy a picnic under the grove of trees. Highlighting the amenities is a 764-square-meter swimming pool complex that consists leisure and lap pools, a kiddie pool, pool deck and patio.

Complementing park living in Greenfield City is a park lifestyle at the retail park Outlets, the favorite shopping, dining, and leisure hangout of residents from South Metro Manila and Calabarzon. Aside from outlet shops at the 16-hectare mall, every weekend there is the Greenfield City Weekend Market, an outdoor gastronomical fair with live music that families can enjoy.

Completing the park living experience in Greenfield City are the workplaces in parks. There is the Greenfield Auto Park, a 65-hectare industrial zone that hosts automotive parts and accessories manufacturing plants. Greenfield is also developing the 11-hectare Santa Rosa Business Park that will host offices, hotels, medical institutions and residential buildings.

Park living in Greenfield City is unique. Greenfield is not simply developing parks in a city but building a city within a park. It is breathtaking, comforting, exhilarating, exciting, healthy, modern and satisfying. It is truly suburban modern living at its best!