Let Smart Parenting Be the Compass to Your Greatest Adventure!

Moms and dads have tough jobs in taking care of their little ones. With so many things we don't know and should know, it's a baffling task to dig for knowledge when we don't even know where to start. Luckily, there are many information available in the internet and there are workshops where we get to meet and ask experts.

At Smart Parenting's "The First Year of Life Workshop" last November, moms and moms-to-be audibly gasped when Dr. Roselyne M. Balita, a pediatrician and founder of the Little Lamb’s Pediatric Wellness Place, said you could actually use edible oil (yes, that can mean cooking oil) to massage your baby. Sensing the disbelief, she continued, "With edible oil, there’s no danger of your baby ingesting toxins when he puts his fingers or toes in his mouth."

It's just one of the gems moms have gotten from the numerous workshops Smart Parenting has hosted in the past. Despite the fact that you can Google anything these days, SP moms (and dads!) still flock to the site and events, ready to listen, learn, and ask questions. And each time a workshop is concluded, numerous moms and dads inquire when the next one is.

So, this year Smart Parenting has decided to supersize their baby showers and workshops in one huge event: their firstever "Smart Parenting Convention." To be held on July 29 at the Megatrade Hall in SM Megamall, the SP Convention will have at least 12 talks divided into these topics: pregnancy, baby, pre-schooler, and family. They hope to cover every stage of mom's life so they're getting experts who can help get you settled further in your role, whether you're someone who's preparing for a baby, juggling a career and a toddler, or raising a preschooler.

Smart Parenting has noticed many of their past attendees wished they could ask more questions. So, at the SP Convention, each talk gets its own room, their experts have a longer time to delve into each topic, and you can ask to your heart's content. There will be shopping, they have at least 40 booths to cater to pregnancy, baby, kids, family, and home needs. They've also added beauty and food concessionaires.

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